Credit Cards- Top 3 for new business owners

Top 3 credit cards for new business owners

Credit cards for business owners can be a blessing– provided that they are used in the appropriate manner. This article will discuss three of the top credit cards for business owners, each of which has a different purpose and advantage.1. Ink Plus Business Card from Chase

The Ink Plus Business Card provides points to its users: one early incentive is if one spends $5,000 in the first three months of having the card, they receive 50,000 bonus points. Every dollar spent on office supplies and telecommunications services earns five points, while gas and hotels earn two points, up to 50,000 points a year. There is an annual fee of $95, but this fee is not charged during the first year.

2. Citi Diamond Preferred

The Citi Diamond Preferred is intended for business owners who use credit cards for financing. For business owners looking for a line of credit essentially, it is essential to have an extended period of time during which you don’t accrue interest. The Diamond Preferred offers a zero percent interest rate for the first 18 months, which is the longest in the industry. It is ultimately a consumer credit card, but it works well for small businesses.

3. Capital One Spark Classic for Business

The Capital One Spark Classic for Business is good for business owners in a few respects: it helps build credit, it has no annual fee, and it gives back one percent in rewards. Capital One understands that building good credit takes time, which is why it offers a business card with no annual fee, allowing an owner to use any and all cash to pay off vendors and debts. The one percent offered as a cash-back reward is just a cherry on top.

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